New study bolsters claims that abortion-pill reversal works

Priests for Life medical advisor Dr. George Delgado today published a new study on the abortion-pill reversal process that tracked women who changed their minds about abortion after taking the first pill. Of the 547 women who took progesterone within 72 hours of taking mifepristone, the first pill in the RU-486 regimen, 257 had healthy babies.

Another 57 women changed their minds again and took the second pill, misoprostol, to complete the abortion. Four women dropped out of the study after the 20th week of pregnancy.

The story in the Washington Post found its reporter bending over backwards to make sure readers understand Dr. Delgado’s work is motivated by his pro-life beliefs, and yet she did find a pro-abortion physician to begrudgingly admit what we already know: Abortion-pill reversal works!

Dr. Daniel Grossman is a professor at the University of California at San Francisco who has been critical of abortion-pill reversal, labeling it “spurious science” in a story he co-authored last year in The Guardian. The headline of that story called the reversal process “the latest sham from anti-choice activists.”

But now he believes, according to the Washington Post, that “it makes some biological sense” to flood a mother’s body with progesterone to block the action of mifepristone.

(Grossman continues to insist the only way to really know that the progesterone protocol works is to study it “in a rigorous way.” Translated, that means giving some women who are hoping to save their babies a placebo instead of progesterone. I don’t know a single pro-life physician who would be part of such a trial.)

Another story on Dr. Delgado’s new study can be found in Pregnancy Help News.

Priests for Life has been involved in abortion-pill reversal since 2007, when Dr. Matt Harrison, another of our medical advisors, relied on prayer and progesterone to perform the first known reversal. As Dr. Delgado and his colleague Dr. Mary Davenport developed a formal protocol for the procedure, we hosted a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. in January 2015 to call attention to a reversal kit available to physicians.

A young couple and their month-old son Gabriel spoke at the event. The mom, Andrea, told of taking that first pill at a Planned Parenthood even though she was pretty sure even then she didn’t want to do it. With her family’s help, she found her way to and was directed to a doctor nearby who opened her office on a weekend to begin the progesterone treatments.

Gabriel is now 3 years old and his grateful parents got married several months ago. Facebook photos show a precious boy with a giant smile who loves to dance. The abortion-pill reversal saved his life.