7 Traditions For the Back-To School Season

As a former teacher, I find the “back to school” season exciting! And as a homeschool mom, I find it, well, still exciting, but overwhelming!

I believe strongly in the power of traditions — to ground us, to give us rest, to remind us what matters, to anchor us to each other, to breathe fun and life into the family.

Here are a few back-to-school traditions to bring meaning and purpose to this busy time in your family.

  1. Planning day – Every year I escape to Panera for my annual Planning Day. Even if you’re not a homeschooling mom, it’s so wonderful to take time to set goals, pray, and schedule your upcoming year. I always feel so empowered, grateful, and prepared after just a few hours (and a spinach artichoke soufflé).

  2. Back to School Prayer Breakfast — When I spoke recently about family traditions, one lady shared one that she had started years ago. She hosts a back-to school prayer breakfast for the moms in her neighborhood. It has become a sweet tradition, and a way to minister to the neighborhood, as well.

  3. One last Family Day — we host a family day every year and the dwindling summer is the best time to celebrate YOU.

  4. Host a freezer meal cooking day — Get a few friends together and put together some frozen meals to stock that freezer. So helpful!

  5. Select a verse for the year for everyone — You included, Mom! Put them on the fridge or in the car and remind each other your hopes and promises for the year.

  6. Back to school fairy — The back to school fairy is similar to the Tooth Fairy over here, but she leaves a small school-related toy under the pillow!

  7. Back to school smash cake — A young woman at a conference where I spoke shared this brilliant one. The kids bake cakes the day before school, and on the first day, rush home to smash their faces in their cakes!

Do you have any traditions for the back-to school season?


Jessica Smartt

ps. If you’re looking for simple, doable ways to make more memories with your family, check out my book, Memory-Making Mom: Building Traditions That Breathe Life Into Your Home.