No One Told Me How Much I Would Love the Toddler Years

No one told me how much I would love the toddler years.

When I was pregnant, everyone told me how to “enjoy the sweetness while it lasts”. The message was basically: “parenthood is hard and only gets harder”.

(Do you relate?)

But that’s just not what I see when I see my toddler.

See, in the toddler years, there’s bound to be adjustments, tantrums and skinned knees. There might even be trying, difficult seasons, through illness, financial trouble, or post-partum depression.

But through it all, I really do love the toddler years. 

I’m wearing sweatpants and an old college t-shirt with my hair in a messy bun, and my daughter comes up and pats me on the head and says “pretty mama”. 


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I can’t help but fall in love.

See, a toddler doesn’t care if you’re wearing the t-shirt that you wore yesterday. Or if your to-do list sits on the counter incomplete. 

I have things I’d like to do. Projects I’d like to finish, and I sometimes place my worth in whether those to-do lists get completed or not. But my toddler doesn’t care. 

But… a toddler doesn’t care if you get the raise, get the side hustle figured out, or get the weight-loss goal you’ve been seeking. 

A toddler loves her mama indiscriminately. 

One of her first words might be “mama”. She looks at you and sees the purest parts of your soul. She sees your love. That sweet toddler sees the joy that you have when you look at her. She looks through the window when you come home and she lights up with joy. 

Her sticky hands flop on the window, leaving marks that you’ll have to clean up later. But who cares? That joy radiating through her body, that’s because she’s filled with emotion and love toward you. Toward her mother. 

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No one told me how much I would love the toddler years. 

Because through all of the struggles, the lost freedoms, the responsibilities and stresses that come with parenthood, your toddler is a breath of fresh air. New joy. Hope. Possibilities. 

Your toddler doesn’t carry any of that baggage. 

A toddler doesn’t know of the weight you may carry or the insecurities you may face.

A toddler forgives when you snap or break down. And they want a hug… from you!

No matter how you fail in life, no matter what bills forgot to get paid, or chores finished, to that child, you are home. You are mom, come what may, you are a safe place.

To a toddler, you are MOM, no matter what.

Through the toddler years, I learned more about unconditional love than through any other time in my life. 


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