Finding a Bible for Your Child Who Is Growing Older (Elementary & Tweens)

Calling all parents of elementary-aged and tweens!   Are you struggling to find a Bible for your growing child? You know, not only one they can use in church and read Scripture at home, but to actually help them understand WHAT they are reading about? I am so excited to share the Hand's On Bible with you! It is the perfect Bible for kids as they grow!

From the time my kids were younger we have taught them the Bible. Now, lest you think we have done things perfectly, let me assure you that we haven’t. But we have done our very best to grab all sorts of children’s Bibles as the years have gone by. When they were really little we dug into the cardboard baby Bible storybooks and then moved on from there as they grew older.

Teaching our children the Bible from the beginning has been a priority of ours because we want them to have a solid foundation of Biblical truths as they grow and mature. I know how much God’s Word has meant to me throughout different seasons of my life and I know that if my children are rooted in God’s Word He can use it in their lives too.

There are so many adorable Bibles for toddlers and pre-school age, but I know how challenging it can be to transition to a Bible for older kids! As parents, we desire not only for our child to read the Bible, but for them to actually comprehend what they are reading. This should be important to us. It is no secret that we are living in a Biblically illiterate culture and most children today are not reading the Bible, let alone understanding it.

Today I want to share a Bible for your child who is growing up and getting older but could really use some extra insight and understanding as they are reading (don’t we all?!).


It can be a little more challenging to find a Bible that is understandable for older children and one that has content intertwined to help them understand the Bible more (they are kids after all!).

The Hands-On Bible is a great option! Like the publisher says, “it is packed with experiences that get kids into the Bible and the Bible into kids”! Here are a few pics of the interior to give you an idea of the engaging content and activities that are included:


The Hands-On Bible is loaded with over 150 activities that parents and kids can do together!

  • Packed with humor, special features, and fun graphics to help kids learn, understand, and live out important Bible truths.

  • Science experiments, crafts, and more allow kids to learn the way they learn best—by doing!

  • Experiencing the Bible in engaging ways makes Scripture relevant and memorable.

  • The Hands-On Bible by Tyndale House Publishers features the clear New Living Translation to help children understand God’s Word.


This Bible is perfect for the older child that is ready to read the Bible, learn and have a fun time doing it! You can grab your copy HERE or below on Amazon!!

Hands-On Bible NLT (Hardcover)

Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.



P.S. If purchasing HERE, you can receive an additional 35% OFF the purchase of any regular-priced Hands-On Bible using coupon code Better. Coupon is valid through 12/3/19.

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