Fun Christmas Games for Kids

Fun Christmas Games for Kids

Christmas is the season of joy, family, and love. You will have lots of time to spend with your family, but you should probably have something at the ready to keep everyone entertained and engaged. Introducing some interactive games to the festivities will be sure to have everyone laughing and bonding in no time. Keep your kids entertained with these fun Christmas games.

Fun Games for Christmas Games for Kids

Christmas Charades

Christmas Charades is a blast for children and adults alike. Split into two teams and come up with some Christmas-themed words or phrases. If you have younger children, you can skew subjects toward things they would know like “tree” or “snowman.” If your kids are older, you can incorporate famous Christmas movies or traditions to give them a proper challenge! 

Christmas Carol Pictionary 

Following the standard Pictionary rules, start by dividing your family into two teams. Each team will race to draw a beloved Christmas carol to the best of their ability. As soon as the team guesses the illustrated Christmas carol, they can sing it to win an extra point! 

Snowman Bowling

Snowman bowling is incredibly fun for people of all ages. It’s easy to make snowmen bowling pins with stacked boxes, and you can decorate them using markers and construction paper. It is a lovely DIY project that can be done with the kids right before the game or even a few days in advance. Now it’s time to bowl! Find a large, lightweight ball that you can use to knock down the pins. Place little kids close to the snowmen pins and older kids farther away. Just make sure that whoever bowls helps set the pins back up afterward!

Classic and New Games

There are plenty of games that aren’t Christmas related that your family will have a blast playing during the holidays. Some of our favorites are LCR and newer games such as Watch Ya’ Mouth! These types of games also make great presents for your kids. Find a fun game you think they’ll love and surprise them with it on Christmas morning. If you need help finding an age-appropriate game, this website has some great ideas. In addition to games, you can find hundreds of great gift ideas! Each age has different options. This list for 13 year old boys features a fun twist on Monopoly as one of the top gift ideas, while this list for 11 year olds includes a unique Escape Room in a Box game. 

Christmas Tree Ball Toss

The Christmas Tree Ball Toss is perfect for entertaining toddlers. Cut out a tree shape from a large cardboard box and attach a leg so it can stand up on its own. Cut circles out of the tree at various heights and then decorate! Let the little ones try to toss the balls through the hoops for hours of fun. To prevent the balls from escaping, keep one basket filled with balls to throw and another on the backside of the tree to catch the ones that make it through. 

Gingerbread Man Drop

Great for older kids, this sweet game will challenge their coordination. Place a gingerbread man on their forehead. Then, without using their hands, they have to slide the gingerbread man down their faces until they can take a bite. The first one to get a taste of their gingerbread man wins! 

Paper Plate Christmas Scene

If you are looking for a wacky game that will get everyone laughing, try the Paper Plate Christmas Scene. Give every participant a paper plate and a pencil. Have each player place the plate on top of their head and try to draw a Christmas scene. It’s not as easy as it sounds. Give them one or two minutes to draw before showing the results. Keep the game going by having other participants guess what they were envisioning!

Oven Mitt Challenge

Do your kids tend to open their presents too fast? Have them try the Oven Mitt Challenge. Give each child two oven mitts to cover their hands and one present to open. Once everyone is ready, let the race begin! Whoever is first to unwrap their gift wins! 

Christmas Movie Trivia

Is your family full of Christmas movie buffs? Challenge them to a game of Christmas Movie Trivia. Get questions online or make them up yourself, whatever you prefer. Take turns and let each player try to answer a question. If answered correctly, they get to keep the card. Whoever has the most cards at the end wins the game! 

Ornament Piñatas

Piñatas are not solely for birthdays; you can have them at Christmas time too! Buy or create a piñata in the shape of a Christmas ornament. It is super simple, and kids young and old will have a blast trying to get the candy out with their best baseball swing. Just make sure to have the youngest kids hit first (if you want it to last!)

Snowman Bingo

Snowman Bingo is a fantastic game for younger kids. Get printable sheets online and have an adult or older kid be the Bingo leader. They will call out different Christmas themed images on the sheets until someone gets five in a row. The winner gets a candy cane. If you want them to play a few rounds, have them use goldfish as their Bingo markers. Just make sure that they don’t eat them all before the game finishes.

Rudolph Race

It isn’t Christmas without Rudolph. For this festive game, Rudolph seems to be missing his nose. Place your family into pairs and have them work together to return Rudolph’s nose to its rightful place. The trick is that they can’t use their hands. Each pair has to place a red ball (with velcro on it) back on to Rudolph, without using their hands. If they drop the ball, they have to find a creative way to pick it up as hands are still off-limits.

You can play the same game, but this time they have to try and hang ornaments! Have the pairs work together to place an ornament on the tree hands-free.

Marshmallow Throw

Marshmallow Throw is an excellent game for older kids. Have them split up into teams of two. Give each group a bag of large marshmallows. Line all of the teams up and have the pairs start three steps away from each other. One partner will throw the marshmallow at the other partner who has to try and catch it in their mouth. Each time they successfully chomp on a mid-air marshmallow, they have to take a step back. If they miss, they are out; the last pair standing wins! After each round, have them switch places and do it all over again.

Marshmallow Stack

Speaking of marshmallows, how high do you think you can stack them? This game is excellent for younger kids, but everyone will enjoy it. See just how high they can go before the marshmallows inevitably come crashing down! 

There you have it! These games will keep your kids laughing, happy, and entertained for the entire holiday. They will bond with family and make memories that will last a lifetime. Let us know some of your favorite holiday games! 

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