Going Organic at Home {Greenerways}


The word we all have become accustomed to. The idea that still seems a bit foreign to some of us. The principle that we know is important but struggle to know where to even begin. That is organic. 

I have spent over the last decade transitioning my family to an organic lifestyle. We started with food and skincare and moved to household cleaners and more. It isn’t easy. There are so many options and it can all be a bit overwhelming.

Going organic at home

The biggest challenge we have faced is finding the products that actually work with ingredients we can actually use. Research is your friend and recommendations from people you trust are as well. I always jump at the chance to try natural and organic products because of my dedication to and understanding of the need for them, which is why I was excited to try Greenerways Organic

First, let me say I really love the story behind Greenerways—all of us moms can appreciate it! Jayme Bella was pregnant with her first child during the same summer that her home was damaged by a storm and became infested with insects. Jayme needed insect repellent and realized after reading the labels of many traditional ones they were full of harmful chemicals and ingredients unknown to her. Out of concern for her unborn child, she decided to research essential oils and her husband, Jim helped her formulate an organic insect repellant. After stumbling upon a formula that actually worked, her friends and family were eager to use it as well and Greenerways Organic Bug Repellent was born! You can read Jayme’s full story here

But Jayme didn’t stop there. She has made it her mission to bring safe, chemical-free products to every home. Greenerways Organic now has a line of natural and organic pest repellants, household cleaners, and skin balms. Made in the U.S., all of the products are essential oil-based, Deet-Free, Lab-Tested, safe for the environment, and very affordable

Seriously, I love this stuff! 

GreenerWays Organic.jpg

What started out as a natural bug repellant has now turned into all sorts of products such as healing salve, all-purpose cleaner, muscle rub and more. We have been using the natural cleaner for a while and I love that I can have a clean-smelling home, along with a natural product. Usually the chemicals add the scent but instead, natural essential oils are giving off that clean aroma.

All of the products are great, but the three I am most excited about are the bug repellant, all purpose cleaner and the sunscreen. Those three products right there -especially the bug repellant and sunscreen- are so hard to find natural and organic. TBH I have been searching for years for an affordable and natural version of those. I am absolutely thrilled to have finally found them. If you want to try out Greenerways you can grab some products on Amazon where they have some amazing deals this week! All the links are below!

For a limited time Greenerways has the Amazon Deals below!!

Greenerways Organic All-Purpose Lavender Scented Cleaner, Natural USDA Organic Non-GMO, Best Household Multi Surface Spray Cleaner for Home, Natural House Cleaner (2 Pack)



Greenerways Organic, Insect Repellent, Bug Spray, Premium, USDA Organic, Non-GMO, Mosquito-Repellent, Clothing Safe, Kid Safe, Pet Safe, Baby Repellant, DEET FREE, 3-PACK DEAL (1) 2oz (1) 4oz (1) 16oz


Greenerways Organic 2-in-1 Natural Sunscreen Bug Repellent Lotion in One, SPF 30 Broad Spectrum UVA / UVB Water Resistant Sun Screen, Best Mosquito Insect Repellant Sunscreens for Family & Kids – 3oz




 P.S. Do you love natural and organic products? Like I said, I am always on the hunt for the best out there. If you have some favorites DM me on Insta… I’d love to hear from you!

P.P.S. Thank you to Greenerways for partnering with me for this post. All opinions are my own honest review of the products.


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