Helping Our Children Develop a Love for Reading (The Journey of Puddle)

Reading is an invaluable part of a child’s life. From when they are young read-alouds are an important part of their everyday. Studies have even shown that reading is essential for emotional and social development. As they get older, the importance of continuing to read aloud and on their own also helps them develop imagination and wonder as they get lost in a story.

We love reading in our home. It wasn’t always that way, but the more we have read to our children and the more we have encouraged them to read, the more they have read on their own. Today, books are everywhere in my house!

As our love for reading developed in our home and our kids have gone through different ages and stages, I am always on the lookout for valuable books and book series for our home. Books filled with strong themes that teach character are my favorite! What a wonderful way to teach those things to our kids! One series I recently discovered is called The Journey of Puddle.

As the author, Devon Allen, shared with me, Puddle was created because a father wanted to create a faithful character for his daughters to learn from. Something different than the typical Disney. They fell in love with Puddle and her story and they just wanted to see her come to life. So he worked very hard to make her everything that his daughters dreamed of. After two years of continuous work, The Journey of Puddle was finally finished. His wife encouraged him to share Puddle with the world. After much prayer and with a passion to share Christ with children all over the world, The Journey of Puddle is now in three amazing books.

My daughter Sophia who is ten years old loves these books. The day after she read the first book, I asked her how she liked it and she proceeded to tell me every single detail of the story she had read the night before. She even shared how she thought different parts would turn out, but then surprised her. That is the power of a story in the minds and hearts of children.

Personally, my very favorite part of the books are the amount of content. I love how the pages have quite a bit of reading, but still have beautiful pictures throughout. Sophia said the same thing without me prompting her. She really liked how there was “a lot to read.” That is hard to find in children’s storybooks. Most of the time picture books have very few words because they are meant for younger children. I like how this book doesn’t skimp on the content or the art.

Another fun element that The Journey of Puddle offers is the coloring book. It is a creative way for children to engage with the characters and the story by spending time coloring their own version of the characters they have learned about.

If you are looking for a new series to add to your child’s library I recommend The Journey of Puddle. Here is the description:

“Follow Princess Puddle in a fun, heartwarming story about the importance of friendship, faith, family, patience and the power of perseverance.

Get ready to take flight with Puddle through beautiful illustrations and an inspiring story that your kids are sure to cherish as they grow. Through Puddle’s journey, children will be empowered and motivated through Puddle’s fun-to-read adventure.

This trilogy follows Puddle, her family, and friends – King Rupert, Queen Sarafine, Squish Munk, Rachel the Raccoon, Bev the Beaver, Elderon and the mighty Goodwind the wise white owl – together as they face trials and tribulations in a world where black hawks, led by Virus, plot to take over the Land of Creation. Although the smallest of them all, Puddle will soon discover why the Almighty Creator has chosen her for his divine plan. 

Suitable for readers of most ages. Parents will want to read the books to younger children while they enjoy the beautiful illustrations and sip on a warm cup of hot chocolate.”


The Journey of Puddle – Book 1: The Little One

The Journey of Puddle – Book 2: A New Friend

The Journey of Puddle – Book 3: The Journey Begins

The Journey of Puddle – Coloring Book  

Many Blessings,

Ruth Schwenk

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in exchange for my honest review and opinion.