Helping Your Child Build a Strong Faith

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by helping your children learn the Bible and build their faith?  Has it all just felt kind of complicated at times? Making time to teach our children the Bible can be a challenge. But so can finding ways to do it in a manner that will help them understand what they are learning. 

God has chosen us as the parents as one of the primary vehicles for passing on faith. This begins at home.  Children not only learn God’s Word but also begin to love God’s Word and put God’s ways into practice in every part of life. Ultimately the goal of our teaching as parents is to help our children cultivate a lifelong personal relationship with Jesus.  

At times, the tendency is to take on that responsibility all on our own, forgetting that there are so many great resources and people to help us. Over the years I have used countless resources and tools to keep my children learning and growing in their faith. And over and over as I have found new resources I’ve loved, I have shared them with you. It is always a breath of fresh air to me when I get a resource that helps my children understand the Bible.

My Faith Life Journal is honestly one of my very favorite resources I have had the opportunity to review. My daughter, Sophia who is 11 years old, loves it so much! Every single night she grabs her journal and works through a few pages. Just last night she held the journal up to the mirror to read a Bible verse she could only read when it was reflected back to her in the mirror because it was written backward. She thought that was so cool! 


My Faith Life Journal is an interactive devotional journal designed for kids ages 6 to 12 and is filled with over 150 pages of stories, hands-on activities and self-reflective journaling prompts.

It is divided into four main sections:

·      What does the Bible have to say about God and Jesus;

·      What does the Bible say about How to grow your faith;

·      What does the Bible say about How to grow godly character;

·      What does the Bible say about What is your life mission.



When kids use My Faith Life Journal 
they build a solid Bible-based foundation for their belief in God and Jesus, learn to look at life and the world through the eyes of faith, are inspired to grow to be more like Jesus in character, and discover that God has an amazing plan for their life and the Bible is the place to find out what that plan is.



I found this info shared by the creator of My Faith Life Journal very interesting and motivating to do all we can to build faith into our children: A 2017 study conducted by Lifeway Research concluded that regularly reading the Bible as children was the strongest predictor of spiritual health in young adults. Young adults who read the Bible regularly as children were much more likely to continue on in their faith than those that did not. Bible reading was a stronger predictor than other factors including prayer and church-going. This study shows the power that reading the Bible can have in a child’s life! My Faith Life Journal makes reading the Bible easy and fun helping kids to develop a life-long Bible reading habit.

 My very favorite part of My Faith Life Journal is how interactive it is. It isn’t a typical devotional (although I love many of those too), but it is something they actively engage with through prompts and activities. It is SO creative and fun!! Here are a few sample pages of what you can find in the journal:


Pre-orders will be opening up soon! For all of the information visit

Hope you love it like we do!!



Here is a a bit about the author: Allison Reimer has been teaching the Bible to children and writing Sunday School Curriculum for over 20 years. She teaches in the church Sunday School setting, in inner city outreach missions and for the last 11 years to her own two children. Allison came to the Lord when she was 19 years old and quickly fell in love with the Bible. Allison learned that if she wanted to bear fruit in her life that lasts, a relationship with God through His Word was the key. This is why she is passionate about sharing this with kids especially those in her local inner- city outreach which she ministers at every month.


Disclosure: This post was in partnership with My Faith Life Journal for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.


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