Reaching the Hearts of Our Teens (and pre-teens) Today

Over the last several months I have committed to praying for some dear friends who are struggling with their teen son. This certainly isn’t the first time I have seen the effects of the culture, peer pressure, mental health, etc. have a detrimental effect on a child. 

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Over the years in full-time ministry, my husband and I have walked beside countless couples struggling to cope with choices their child has made, health issues that are plaguing their child, mental health diagnoses out of their control and more. But I have an all-new appreciation for the challenges that parents face as my kids get older and the helplessness a parent can feel when they don’t know how to handle it all. 

My oldest son is about to enter college in the Fall and I have two other teenagers at home, along with one not far behind. As I continue praying for my friend and her son, I can’t imagine what they are going through right now. She must feel helpless as she struggles to know how to help her son.

Here is the truth: We are in an all-out battle for the hearts of our children. Whether it is a lifestyle they choose or a mental health diagnosis that chooses them we are in a war. If we don’t feel that deep down in our bones than it is time for us to wake up.

We are raising children who by God’s grace will be a light to generations ahead of us. Satan doesn’t want that which is why it shouldn’t surprise us that raising children is so hard. 

We have two choices. We can either bury our head in the sand and pretend it is isn’t happening or face this reality with open hands and an open heart, ready to learn and grow, preparing ourselves for the unseen battle around us.

So where do we begin?

Maybe you are already spending time in God’s Word and in prayer seeking God’s will and direction for your life and parenting. That is the first place to start.

Beyond that, we can learn from one another. We can learn from those in the trenches with us and those who have gone ahead a bit. That is what I love about a ministry like Maybe you have heard of Axis. It has been popular over the last few years, and to be honest I’ve only given it a glance. When they reached out to me a few months ago to see if I would take a more thorough look, what caught my attention, was the amazing resource they attached to my email. It was called “A Parent’s Guide to Depression & Anxiety”. You guys, depression and anxiety are plaguing our kids and many parents don’t know even where to begin. clearly has its finger on the issues of today. I soon learned this is only one of the many parent guides they offer. I was impressed with their ability to not only notice a need but practically help meet it.

If you haven’t heard of Axis, they primarily work with Christian parents, schools, and churches to help provide information on pop culture trends and how kids are influenced by each topic. Here is what they have to say about Generation Z, which is the pre-teens and teens of today.

 Are you looking at today’s teenagers and wondering why they’re always online or how on earth their views on sexuality, government, and life in general can be so drastically different? 

In the U.S., the most recent generation to come of age is Generation Z, or Gen Z. American society has gone through incredible change in the past few decades, which has especially impacted how teenagers see the world because of their age and level of development. In this Guide, we want to look at how the generations have changed over time, what has shaped Gen Z’s views on life, and how that knowledge can help you connect with your kids better. 

Here is their full guide on Generation Z. It is packed with great information…so interesting and enlightening!

Also, this week is offering an incredible online conference – The Raising Gen Z Summit- for FREE! The purpose? To help you feel equipped to guide the next generation to lifelong faith! They have a list of over 50 experts that you can learn from right in your living room.

It is a 10-day-long digital event FREE from February 14th-February 25th!

Here is a basic overview of what a summit is:


+ Hear from Godly experts who care about your teens and provide wisdom with practical applications.

+ Learn from amazing 30-minute interviews to grow as a parent/leader.

+ Understand more of your teen’s culture and world.

One of my favorite things about the summit is the ease at which you can learn. Once you sign up (for FREE) you then have the opportunity to pick which sessions you want to watch and you can go through them at your own pace! They also have incredible Christian leaders like Ravi Zacharias, Tim Keller, Joni Eareckson Tada, Dr. Gary Chapman and more! For all the info on The Raising Gen Z Summit click HERE!

Grateful to walk alongside you in the battle! Let’s fight strong!



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