The Crowdsourced Guide to Kids’ Online Educational Resources

You may be dealing with the uncertainty of your child’s school district’s decision, or choosing to make the difficult switch to at-home learning. Now more than ever, parents need reliable at-home resources to help with homeschooling.

Sitejabber, a consumer protection website developed in part by a grant from the US National Science Foundation, has seen a trend in parents searching for educational ways to have fun and connect with their kids, while still keeping them on track with schoolwork. To help you find the right tools for your children, the team at Sitejabber has created an extensive crowdsourced list of reputable websites that you can access at home. Many of these sites are even offering free services right now.

These resources are organized by subject so that you can easily find what you’re looking for. No two kids are the same, so this is a great way to create an at-home program catered to your kids’ specific needs.

Sitejabber team member Traci, a seasoned homeschooling mom, has some words of advice as she and millions of parents worldwide turn to homeschooling without much time to prepare. She shares her personal experience, saying that “it takes a long time to figure out a routine that works. It’s different for every single family I know. Read, read, read. Play games. Watch documentaries. I don’t want people thinking they need to replicate everything that comes with traditional schooling right now.” With flexible learning, you can start following your school’s curriculum in conjunction with these platforms, or create your own schedule based on your kids’ needs. The biggest takeaway from this advice, and the advice of many experts, is not to put much pressure on yourself. Trying your best is the most that anyone can do right now.

Ready to begin your online education search for your family? With tons of “best of” lists and conflicting information, the internet can make the process very overwhelming. That’s why in this crowdsourced guide, we’ll cover what each of these platforms is best for, age range, a breakdown of its features, and pricing. Even if you don’t want to pay extra for resources, take advantage of the free trials or memberships offered by the sites in this guide, your child may really enjoy one of them.

For a breakdown of the top 45 platforms, or to read consumer reviews of each platform, check out the complete Community Guide to Kids’ Online Educational Resources from our friends at Sitejabber.

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