Top 5 Best Alarm Clocks for Tweens and Teens

Parents of teenagers know how hard keeping their kid’s screen time to a minimum, especially at bedtime. Some teens and tweens use cell phones or tablets as alarm clocks; however, most of these kids end up watching videos, scrolling social media, and chatting with their friends before they go to bed. One easy solution to getting the electronics out of the bedroom is getting an awesome alarm clock your teen will love using!

Even if screen time isn’t an issue for your teen or tween, they need to learn to start managing their schedules and getting up and ready on time. Alarm clocks can help tweens start to learn responsibility and begin learning to get up, get ready, and get out the door on time in the mornings.

Check out our five favorite alarm clocks for teens and tweens:

LBell Wake-UP Light No one likes an abrupt, startling, wakeup alarm, and if waking up gradually using sunrise simulation works for your tween or teen, the Wake-Up Light is a great choice! The light-based alarm clock gradually changes color from dark red to bright yellow before the audible alarm goes off. This light is also perfect for teens that have a hard time falling asleep at night as it simulates sunset also.


  • Sunrise and sunset simulation
  • Adjustable lighting time and brightness
  • Adjustable alarms and volume
  • Gradual wake up
  • Sleep music programmed into the light
  • FM Radio
  • Charge via USB port
  • 8 colors of light
  • Can be used as a nightlight or bedside lamp


  • Some reviewers have struggled to understand the customization instructions and programming
  • If your teen can sleep through the light and doesn’t begin to wake until the alarm goes off, the light isn’t useful

We love this light for teens who are sensitive to light and need a soft, gradual wakeup. We also love that this light alarm clock looks modern and has many versatile features.

BixMe LED Bluetooth Alarm Clock This cool, modern and portable smart LED light can be used as an alarm clock, lamp, as a Bluetooth speaker, and many functions that teens love! This alarm clock is perfect for outdoor use camping or using as a night light indoors. There are 48 colors for the lights which have three levels of brightness and the option of dimming. Our favorite setting changes light colors with the volume and rhythm of the music playing.


  • Multi-functionals
  • 48 light options
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Speaker with Bluetooth capabilities, soundbar, high power woofer, and bass technology
  • Fun settings and functions for teens
  • Charge lasts for 12 hours
  • Connect to your phone for use as a mic and speaker


  • Only chargeable via USB port, no power adapter

This alarm clock for tweens and teens is perfect for the kid that loves to listen to music and needs a Bluetooth connection for their alarm clock. We wish this alarm clock had a power adapter though so it could be plugged directly into the wall outlets rather than need a USB charger.

Battery Operated Digital Alarm Clock by Lielongren When you’re looking for a no bells and whistles, easy-to-use, and compact alarm clock for teens, the digital alarm clock by Lielongren is a great option. This alarm clock features all the expected features such as snooze, customized alarm settings, and a loud buzzer alarm that gets louder gradually every minute until turned off.


  • Snooze
  • Loud buzzer alarm with gradual increase in volume
  • Easy to operate
  • Dimmable backlight
  • Digital thermometer for indoor temperature
  • Compact


  • Battery operated, not chargeable

This basic alarm clock for teens also comes in a couple different color options and is great for travel although we wish it was chargeable.

Fomobest Alarm Clock with Wireless Cell Phone Charging Responsible teens and tweens will love this Fomobest Alarm Clock they can also use to wirelessly charge their cell phones. Simply lay the phone on top of this alarm clock and make sure the clock is plugged in via USB cord. This alarm clock is also voice controlled and featured convenient settings and functions.


  • Charging station for cell phones
  • Voice control
  • Adjustable brightness
  • LED Display
  • Powered by USB and batteries as backup
  • Classic wood design with four options to match furniture color


  • Only three alarms to choose from
  • Batteries not included

When your teen wants a traditional look that matches their furniture, this basic alarm clock with charging station is a great solution to get your teen up and moving in the morning.

Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock by Sonic Alert This super modern and cool looking alarm clock is great for teens who want an alarm clock that looks a little more rugged and futuristic. The Sonic Bomb alarm clock is easy to use, doesn’t have any frills, and is outlet powered with battery backup. Everything you need in an alarm clock is included in the features of the Sonic Bomb.


  • Small size with loud alarm 112 dB
  • Large digital display
  • 1-30-minute snooze
  • Battery backup
  • Outlet powered
  • Shakes for extra attention
  • 5 color options


  • Not the most durable

This alarm clock is a great option for teenagers who need an extra jolt to wake up since it comes with a bed shaker device that vibrates when the alarm starts to go off; however, some people report the alarm clock not working after a few months and the durability is questionable.

Don’t fight about the morning routine anymore.

Teens and tweens need to learn how to be on time and responsible for themselves and following their daily routine. Having your teens set an alarm clock at night be get ready for school without mom or dad waking them up every morning can be a great way of learning these vital adult skills. Don’t fight with your teen about the morning routine anymore, choose an alarm clock with the features your teen or tween needs.

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