Waste Not, Want Not!

March 17, 2019 Written by T. Camp

Only a few decades ago the earth was a completely different place.  Full of versatile life, and busting at the seams with massive production of “stuff”.  We human beings are quite the consumers.  If there is anything that defines the human race as a whole, it may simply be just that: consumers.  We like our “stuff”.  There is something interesting when the idea of stuff is perceived through a lens that believes the beginning of man’s desire for “stuff” was in a beautiful garden absent of any sort of waste.  Since Adam and Eve knew they were naked, they felt shame and the first thing they did was take from the garden to cover their shame.  Thus, the first acquisition of “stuff” on the basis of something outside natural necessity. 

Now here we are, it’s 2019 and things are moving faster and faster.  Keeping up is not only a feat of the mind, but of the matter as well.  Since the advent of technology such as the internet, there has been a steep rise in the waste of a new product.  People have started to throw things away that are still fully functional, but not currently capable.  What I am saying is, with the advancement of technological capabilities, we have removed the idea of repairing the majority of our electronic devices, and instead dispose of them. 

Let me ask you a quick question.  Do you have an old computer monitor, or laptop laying around that just is outdated, and you feel bad “just throwing away”?  I am going to take a wild guess and say, yeah, a majority of people do in fact have electronics they no longer use and are looking to dispose of.

“I only feel angry when I see waste.  When I see people throwing away things we could use.”

Mother Teresa

The proof though, as they say it, is in the pudding.  Electronic waste is now considered a significant part of the waste stream.  Consumer electronics waste, coined e-waste is rapidly increasing globally.  In the year 2014 the global quantity of e- waste was estimated to be around 31.6 million metric tons (Statista, 2018).  It is projected that near 50 million metric tons of e-waste was produced in 2018 (Statista, 2018).

We all know waste is attached to a spiritual problem.  We should seek first the wisdom of the One who created us, then step into action and find ways to reduce our impact on the earth we have been called to steward.  “

With awareness in this aspect, maybe we can all find ways to recycle our electronic products?  The ideas are truly endless, as each old electronic has everything from copper wiring, to magnets, to pieces of hardwood and solid metal frames.  Start a hobby repurposing your old electronics today, and watch the world change tomorrow!