When You Are Struggling Financially

Have you faced financial hardship this year? Trials never come at a convenient time, but they are an opportunity to walk in faith and to trust the Lord. Click here for more on how to grow your faith through uncertain finances!

Hard times are never convenient, are they? Trials are never timely. Suffering stops your life–it never feels like it fits into your life.

I know there are so many who have faced financial hardship this year. Maybe that is you. If you find yourself struggling with God’s provision, use this time as an opportunity to walk in faith; to trust that He really does have you in the palm of His hand.

Growing Your Faith Through Uncertain Finances

Consider thinking back to other financial hard times you have been through. Did God leave you? Did He show up, even in the smallest ways? Remember those times because it will reaffirm you of His faithfulness. You can rest in His peace because you know He will provide for you. Because He has before!

How can this financial hardship grow your faith? How can you walk in it in such a way that brings glory to God? You know that worrying or stressing or getting anxious about it won’t change your circumstances. Instead, focus your eyes on God and trust He will carry you–this will bring incredible peace.

Give Him Space to Work 

You may not be able to change your situation but He can–and it may involve a little heart surgery on your part. Oh, but He is so good! Let go of the worry so it’s not cluttering the spaces in your heart where He wants to put His peace. When we carry the burden of worry, it leaves little space for His voice to be heard. That worry just gets so loud, drowning out His promises.

It’s also hard to cease striving or grasping for straws when God simply wants us to be still as He works—not only in our situation but in our hearts.

Jesus not only wants to work through you but also needs to work in you. He doesn’t just want to get us from one side of the lake to the other. He uses the “middle”. 

Consider His History in Your Life

Consider other situations God has shown up in that, at the time, felt so dire and hopeless. He will always walk with you. He is always faithful and this time will be no different. Remember what He’s already done! Sometimes that’s all it really takes — how easily we forget!

God is your hope when things feel hopeless. He truly is the Waymaker…just believe He can.

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