When You’re Waiting for a Breakthrough, Don’t Give Up

“Raw – ket” I sounded out the word for what felt like the billionth time. 

“Row – chet” my five year old read from her library book.

I breathed deeply and shook my head.

Teaching children how to read is not for the faint of heart. My second child has taught me to have much appreciation for kindergarten teachers. She is currently learning to read at a slightly slower pace than her older sister did, and it is taking more practice than I thought… and quite frankly would have liked.

“Let’s try again.”

Over and over again, repeating the same words, same letters, same sounds, just waiting for the combination of them to click over to understanding.

“Rocket!” she finally said, correct and clear as day.

I smothered her with praise, hugs, and kisses. She giggled and then kept reading. Relieved that particular word had finally clicked, I moved on to cleaning up the kitchen as I listened to her read and sound out words from her book.

I am the first to admit I am not the “teacher-ly” type. I never went into education because I knew this about myself. The example my second daughter offered me about the mundane repetition of practicing the skills necessary to education further affirmed my decision to not become a teacher.

I think it’s the repetition that gets me. The over and over again. I get bored and frustrated when it doesn’t produce the expected results and blessings relatively quickly. 

The mundane repetition of daily, ordinary life sometimes leaves us wondering where the blessing is, doesn’t it?

I believe there is blessing and beauty hidden in the crevices of the ordinary, but what about when we’re waiting for a breakthrough?

Waiting for our child to finally “get it” when it comes to reading, math, or simply tying their shoes? What about waiting for a breakthrough job interview, college admission, or a passed driving test? What about a breakthrough in healing, or perspective, or relationship?

I’m reminded of Luke 5, where Jesus said to Simon about fishing, “Put out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch.” (Luke 5:4).

I imagine Simon — much like myself teaching my daughter to read — internally protesting and rolling his eyes at the need to do it yet again. After all, hadn’t he been out there all night working, yet nothing came of the repetition. (Luke 5:5).

But at His Word, Simon did it again. 

And found his breakthrough.

It’s easy to forget that God’s blessings and answers come in His timing, not our’s.

And sometimes we have to keep at what we’ve been doing. Because we haven’t necessarily been doing it wrong, it just hasn’t been His time for it yet. 

Is He asking you to do something you’ve already done? Something that needs to be done again or that you need to keep doing?

Maybe it’s simply teaching a child to read not-so-simple words. Maybe it’s pitching another idea to the board or taking another class toward finally getting your degree. Maybe it’s laundry, which we know never ends.

At His Word, keep going, mama. Keep putting yourself out into the deep and keep working for Him and your people. 

He’ll throw you a catch eventually. 

Much love,

Kristin | KristinFunston.com | MoreforMomBook.com